Be The Message

Be The Message Free Chapter

Be The Message Free Chapter

We want you to know that, for us, this is more than another book and
another message.

This is our personal journey of the past few years, a journey that has
changed the way we think and the way we live.

It’s truly been an awakening. We’ve become aware that the words we
had been speaking, although true and biblical and well intended, were not
always being acted out fully in our lives. We’ve been waking up to the real
call of Christ, waking up to an understanding that the gospel is so much
more than words spoken.

We’re still on the path of this journey. We have a long way to go and
much to learn. But we’re discovering more each day.

God in His grace is already working. We see a difference in our family
and church and community. We see needs met in people’s lives all over the
planet. And most of all, this experience of transforming words into life action
has changed us in a deep and profound way.

In Be the Message we’ll tell these amazing stories, take you with us on
this eye-opening journey, and share with you what we’ve been…

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